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Frequently Asked Questions


Tell me about Love And Matchmaking!

Love And Matchmaking is a full service National VIP Introductions Service. Considered by many as the Best Matchmaking Company in America. Love and Matchmaking was founded by a pair of internationally renowned love experts/matchmakers who have been profiled on multiple television shows and in the press - including Oprah, AskMen, Business Insider, Dating News, People, Millionaire Matchmaker and more. Love And Matchmaking offers many free and paid services including: High End Matchmaking Services, Date and Relationship Coaching, Online Dating Profile Refinement and more. These private and confidential services are perfect for men and women of any age over 18 looking to find love with an amazing match by some of the best Love Experts available!
The full team at Love And Matchmaking is dedicated to helping the world find love… one a handful at a time!


What Services do you provide?

Love And Matchmaking provides both FREE and paid services. Joining our Lovebase is 100% FREE and allows you to be considered as a date for one of our clients! Sometimes date coaching or other services may be provided at no cost as well! Our paid services include: Matchmaking/Love Introductions, Date and Relationship Coaching, Online Dating Profile Refinement and more.


What is your Success Rate?

We take love seriously. This is your heart and it deserves respect and kindness.  We don’t mess around when it comes to making our clients happy. Based on paid clients asked, we consider our success rate to be around 95%!  In our humble opinion, we are the Best Matchmaking Service Nationwide.


Is this just for millionaires like I’ve seen elsewhere? Things like Millionaire Match, Millionaire Matchmaker or some of the other VIP Matchmaking sites?

No.  Although we do offer High-End Matchmaking Services, we also have services that can be obtained in some capacity by most people. Everyone deserves love!


Is this Local Matchmaking or National Matchmaking? What about International Matchmaking?

“Best Matchmaker Near Me” - in this post-pandemic age of technology, this phrase can mean different things to different people. We have helped clients internationally with Canada Matchmaking, UK Matchmaking, Australia Matchmaking and in other international markets… many with great success. However, our focus is on the United States. All of our services are national, but we do prefer to put our attention on a two hour radius around where you live and work… or where you may be planning a move to!


Is this Confidential Matchmaking?

Love And Matchmaking takes your privacy very seriously. Your information is not posted publicly for others to see, nor do we ever sell any info. This is NOT a television show.


Who can use Love And Matchmaking Services?

Men and Women, over 18, who need help finding their soulmate. We are also here for those who simply want some advice for their journey towards a healed relationship! Whether you’re too busy to date on your own, you’ve had a string of bad luck, you’re just getting back into the dating world… you’re divorced, widowed, or always been single… a doctor, lawyer, executive, in the public eye, entrepreneur, ceo, professional or retiree… jewish, christian, spiritual… democrat, republican… white, black, blue, orange, polka-dotted… it doesn’t matter. We want to help you find the love you deserve!


Do you offer any Guarantees?

Because every human being is unique, we prefer to be upfront during our Free Initial Matchmaking Consultation. We will never offer you an unrealistic guarantee. And we would definitely question any person, or company, that provides a personal service, then promises the future. Having said that, we are very good at what we do.


How do I get Started?

The first step in taking back control of your love life begins with YOU, so its best to start out with a confidential and free Love Profile Form. By doing this, you are not obligating yourself to a paid service, just providing us with some great “about me” details so we understand your needs better before we speak. You can also message us here or call us at 844/489-love if you prefer!


How do you find My Matches?

We are passionate about what we do and care deeply for our clients... believing everyone is unique and deserving of their own unique match.  So, unlike many other love-based services or Corporate Matchmaking that may lure you in with fake photos, we put effort into FINDING that right connection SPECIFICALLY for our client, even beyond our Lovebase. In other words, we do not just database date - that may not be effective for you.

Being a home to what could be considered the Best Local Matchmaking Services around, we’re skilled in utilizing different methods (“points of touch”) to find the right match for our individual clients. Whether it’s in-person recruiting, online recruiting, our network of professionals, social media, targeted advertising and/or reach-out, press, referrals or beyond - we can do it! Each client is different, so our strategies may be as well.


Do you help with the Dating Process beyond the Introduction?

Absolutely! And with our VIP Matchmaking Service, we may not only coach you, but your date as well. We want to help you on your love journey! You’ll have some of the Best Matchmakers and Best Date Coaches working with you!


Do you do Matchmaking Background Checks?

Although no background check is perfect - we like to think we go above and beyond! From questions about criminal, medical, social, financial, property, license and family histories to previous relationships and more - you’re in GREAT HANDS!


How long does it take to get into a long term relationship?

Everyone is different.  It can take a week, a month, 6 months… maybe more. Regardless, we map out a plan specifically tailored for your needs.  This is Personal Matchmaking.


How many Introductions do I get with Love And Matchmaking?

We can’t stress enough how different each person is. As this is Personal Matchmaking, we will adjust as we see fit. It may only take one match, it may take ten! Our goal is to be considerate of your time and work towards finding The One for you… NOT The Ones!


Are you LGBT friendly?

Of course! Please click here to learn more about our LGBT Matchmaking Division - which includes Lesbian Matchmaking, Gay Matchmaking and more!


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