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Elite matchmaking services for elite singles with Destin & RachelDestin & Rachel have spent years as elite matchmakers from their time with Bravo's hit series Millionaire Matchmaker and with their internationally renowned VIP Love Introductions & Matchmaking service, they have had the privilege of helping many people take back control of their love lives while finding fun and meaningful relationships.  Life takes up most of our time so for many there is too little time spent on finding love or building a relationship.  With the waste of time of bars and clubs, to the impersonality of online dating, this is where Destin & Rachel's VIP Love Introductions provide the ideal alternative; blending technology with the personalized "human" touch, making both matching and meeting the kind of someone you really want to be with, something you have the time and desire to do.  


For many who have never used an Elite Matchmaking service before or who've never benefited by personalized VIP Love Introductions, there are commonly a myriad of questions which come to mind.   As Consumer Affairs Accredited matchmakers, Destin, Rachel, and Mallory are able to answer your questions and run you through the ease and personalization of their services.  With a 99% success and satisfaction rate of all clients polled they are used to bringing a very strong personal commitment to each client.  


VIP Love Introductions connect you with matches that are based on personal preferences and desires, aesthetics, personality, and a myriad of other aspects.  Having a team of professional VIP matchmakers behind you and an array of fantastic matches, you will be that much closer to taking back control of Love in your life.   Online dating for professionals has become more time consuming and less effective.  Our approach is one of real world, one-on-one, personalized connections.  


Being matchmakers for business professionals who have little time or interest in online dating sites, swipe-apps or the old bar scene, it is the personal attention and successful methodology which makes it an elite matchmaking service and a more exclusive type of matchmaking agency. 

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